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Recycling is a fast-changing world and there’s always more we can do. We’ve created some information to help everyone to recycle even more - and make recycling even easier: We’re on a mission to help you bin better.

On this page, we’ve pulled together some insider info and shared some top tips and easy-peasy rubbish habits you can adopt to make recycling, reducing and reusing a low-hassle part of your everyday life.

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Recycle your empty cleaning bottles

Recycle empty cleaning bottles

Doing one small thing, like recycling your empty cleaning bottles, makes a huge difference.  Empty plastic bleach bottles are one thing that lots of people worry can’t be recycled, but the good news is, you can with a quick rinse!

Feed your food waste bin

Feed your food waste bin

How often do you feed your food waste bin? Food waste is a big portion of rubbish that could be recycled.  Food waste makes up around 20% of all kerbside black bin waste that could have been recycled but wasn’t.

Squeeze foil into a ball

Squeeze foil into a ball

Tinfoil is so thin that it can sometimes fall through the cracks in the recycling machinery, and end up not getting recycled. To make sure all your foil gets recycled, crush it into a tennis-ball-sized ball of foil.