Home composting

Compost bin – what goes in?

You can compost...

You need more or less an equal combination of 'browns' (high carbon) and 'greens' (high nitrogen):

  • browns: bits of cardboard, scrunched up paper, dried leaves, wood prunings etc, which create air pockets
  • greens: uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings, garden waste (grass cuttings, green leaves, and soft prunings, etc.) as well as tea bags and coffee grounds

Note: When adding more material, check the contents and mix occasionally. If the mixture is too dry, add water and if it is too wet, add some more browns such as egg cartons or cardboard.

You can't compost...

You can't compost things like:

  • cooked food
  • fish and meat including bones
  • perennial weeds
  • diseased plants
  • cat and dog faeces

For food waste, like meat, fish, bones and dairy can be put in a waste digester which will accelerate its decomposition and turn it into a nutrient-rich liquid feed.