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Apply for housing, Housing Register and bidding for housing

Apply to join the Housing Register

How to apply for social housing

Check if you qualify by starting an application

When you complete the first part of the application you will be told if you appear to qualify for the Housing Register. If you appear to qualify; click “Next” to continue the application form. We can only assess your priority if you answer all the questions. It may take you around 30 minutes to answer all the questions.

Start your Housing Register application

Find out what documents you'll need after you've applied.

At risk of becoming homeless?

Step 1

Firstly, apply to join the Housing Register.

Step 2

Once you've done that, register on Housing Jigsaw.

Read more about what to do if you're at risk of becoming homeless.

Continue your Housing Register application

If you have already started, you can continue your application provided you complete it within 10 days of starting. You will need the login code which was generated when you left the application to finish it later.

Continue an application

If you qualify - what happens next?

When you have completed your Housing Register application, you'll need to complete the address history form with your addresses for the past five years. Only complete this form when you have finished your application.

Complete the address history form

You will also need to complete the housing declaration and consent form (PDF). Please print the form to sign it and then send it to us by email or post.

Check your documents

Check which documents you need to provide.

Please return these forms by email to

Please note: Email is not secure, so please ensure you take all appropriate precautions to protect any personal information, if you choose to return the form to us by email.

Alternatively, you can send documents by post, but your application will take much longer to process.

Please don't send us original documents; photocopies are fine.

Please send your documents to:

Housing Register Team 
Central Bedfordshire Council 
Priory House 
Monks Walk  
SG17 5TQ

After you've returned the forms

When you have returned the completed the forms and provided copies of your documents which confirm that you qualify for the Housing Register, you will be advised how to express a preference for properties that are available.

The Bedfordshire Homefinder website advertises properties weekly.

The number of people who apply for social housing far exceeds the amount of accommodation that is available. This means that applicants with a lower priority may have a very long wait before they are allocated a property, particularly in areas where lots of people want to live.

Health needs questionnaire

If you or a member of your household has health issues that are affected by your current housing or affects the type of housing that would be suitable for you, please complete and submit the health needs questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Complete a health needs questionnaire

Requesting a review of a decision about your application

If you are unhappy about any decision regarding your application, please make sure all of your circumstances have been taken into account. If there is further information you have not provided please send this to the Housing Register team or complete a change of circumstances form so that your application can be reassessed.

You have a right to have the decision reviewed if you think we have made a decision which is outside the terms of the Allocation Scheme. Please request a form to put your reasons in writing and send to the email or postal return addresses for the Housing Register team.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your application, please telephone the Housing Register Team on 0300 300 5080.

If you do not qualify for the Housing Register

If you do not qualify to join the Housing Register, details will be retained only for a period of one year for properties which are hard to let.

Occasionally and on an ad-hoc basis a particular type of property becomes available where a suitable tenant cannot be identified. These properties, which are hard to let, will be advertised and applicants who have previously applied to the housing register but do not qualify, can express an interest in these properties.

Housing associations may also be able to help you, as some have their own waiting lists.

If you are a social housing tenant finding another tenant to exchange properties with you may be an option.