Apply for housing, Housing Register and bidding for housing

Change of circumstances

We need up-to-date information about your circumstances. Once you have registered and completed an application you will need to keep your application up to date.

  • to notify us of change, you will need to amend the answers you have given in your ‘My Home Central’ application
  • if you are required to provide documents so that we can verify the changes, these will be requested through your portal
  • you will need to upload the documents requested so that we can re-assess your application and confirm whether you qualify or whether there has been a change to your priority
  • if there is a change in whether you qualify, or a change to your priority, you will be notified of the decision when we re-assess your application

Changes include a change of address, change of telephone number, a new addition to the family, someone leaving the household, changes in your income or employment. This is not an exhaustive list. You are required to ensure that the answers in your application are accurate and up to date. If you fail to notify us of any changes and have successfully bid on a property, you will be overlooked for the property and your application suspended.