Apply for housing, Housing Register and bidding for housing

Property adverts and how to bid for housing

How to bid for housing

If you qualify for the Housing Register, you will be able to express a preference (bid) for vacant social rented properties advertised through My Home Central, our choice-based lettings (CBL) System.

Available properties are advertised weekly from Thursday to Tuesday. Properties you can bid for will be shown on the ‘bid on a property’ page within your My Home Central account.

Bidding for properties from Thursday 22 February 2024

To bid for properties from Thursday 22 February 2024, you will be placing bids through our new system. This means that you must have registered and re-applied in our new system and have been notified of the outcome. To bid for properties, you will use the email address and password you created when you applied or re-applied on or after Tuesday 5 December 2023.

Re-apply to the Housing Register

If you need to be on the Housing Register, you must apply or re-apply, even if you were previously verified. It is important to make sure you do apply; if you don’t, your application will be automatically deleted.

Apply or re-apply to the Housing Register or find out more about the changes we’re making and why they’re important.

Choice-based lettings – how it works

Properties available for bidding

View or download list of current properties (PDF)


For more information regarding auto-bidding, please email

Other properties available

We have agreed, through our planning powers, for Clifton Park Homes to offer a proportion of new park homes to people over 55 in housing need in Central Bedfordshire. Applicants must meet the park homes and housing need criteria. Read more about the park homes, including eligibility.