Apply for housing, Housing Register and bidding for housing

What happens when bidding on a property closes

When bidding closes

If you have been assessed as qualifying for an allocation of housing, you can show your preference for properties that are advertised weekly on the Bedfordshire Homefinder website; this is called ‘bidding’. 

Make sure your email address and phone number are current on our records before bidding closes. Bidding closes at midnight on Tuesday every week and you'll be able to see the order in which you'll be considered for the properties you have bid for.

When you'll be contacted

You will be contacted by phone or email within 72 hours of bidding closing, if you are being considered for a property.

Grand Union Housing Group will contact you if you are being considered for a property owned by the group and we'll contact you if you are being considered for a property owned by us or any other landlord. We will check that:

  • your circumstances are the same as our records
  • you are up to date with your rent
  • there are no restrictions on you living in the area
  • the property is the right size for you and your household
  • you still want the property

If you have not told us about any changes in your circumstances, or you do not reply to our calls or email within 24 hours of being contacted, you will not be further considered and will be ‘overlooked’. If your circumstances have changed, your application will be suspended until it is re-assessed.

How you'll know if you'll be offered a property

When you log in to Bedfordshire Homefinder, all the bids you have placed will be listed, showing the status of your bid as follows:

Bids under consideration

When bidding closes, regardless of your bid position, all your bids that week will be listed as ‘bids under consideration’ until the property is shortlisted. Whilst you have bids under consideration, you will still be able to bid when bidding opens again.

Shortlisted bids

Once your circumstances have been confirmed, if the property is owned by a landlord other than us, your details will be passed to that landlord (registered provider). This is called a nomination. Because you are actively being considered for this property, you will no longer be able to bid.

Properties offered to others

If you have not been shortlisted for a property that you have bid for, the property address will show under ‘properties offered to others’. You will no longer be considered for this property.

Bids declined

If you are ‘overlooked’ for a property because your circumstances have changed or there are restrictions which mean we cannot shortlist you for a property, this will show as a ‘bid declined’. Properties that you have been considered for and have refused will also show as a ‘bid declined.’

When to contact us 

If you have any queries to clarify the details in a property advert, you can contact us by email or telephone.

We strongly advise you to wait until we contact you regarding the outcome of your bids, once bidding closes.

The property landlord will notify you when the property is ready to be let and will advise you about signing for the tenancy. Remember: you will need to pay the first 4 weeks' rent when you sign the tenancy agreement.

Telephone: 0300 300 8340