If you're at risk of becoming homeless

Tell us you're at risk of becoming homeless

If you're homeless, or worried about becoming homeless, you need to tell us as soon as possible.

You don't have to be living on the streets, to be homeless. You could be:

  • at risk of losing your home
  • being illegally evicted by your landlord
  • living in accommodation that's in a very poor condition
  • staying with friends or 'sofa surfing' 

What you need to know

It'll take about 30 minutes to do this.

Before you start, you'll need:

  • proof of ID for you and other members of your household
  • proof of homelessness
  • any medical information about diagnosed physical sensory or mental health impairments

Tell us you're homeless or about to be

What will happen after you tell us

We'll contact you within 3 to 5 working days and ask you to complete a questionnaire about why you face being homeless.

If we can't help you straight away, we may need to look into things with your landlord, family member, or other agencies to help us decide how to help you.

Top tip

When you complete the questionnaire, an asterisk (*) next to a question means the question must be answered before you move forward. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible.

If you don't provide the documents we need and complete the questionnaire, we won't be able to progress your application and will close your case within 10 working days.

How to contact us

The best way to request assistance is via the online customer portal as set out above.

If it is an emergency (you are likely to become homeless in the next 7 days or are homeless tonight), please call.

Telephone: 0300 300 4370 during office hours.

If the office is closed, we operate an out of hours service.

Telephone: 0300 300 8098
Email: homeless.intervention@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk