If you're at risk of becoming homeless

Where we can help with your homeless situation

We will help you if you're:

  • already homeless
  • threatened with being homeless

We'll secure suitable accommodation for you, regardless of whether you're intentionally homeless, or have a priority need.

We're required to do this under the Homelessness Reduction Act (2017).

We do this by negotiating with the people you live with, or your landlord. We'll also give you advice and practical help to find another home quickly.

If you have a priority need, are already homeless or can't avoid becoming homeless

We may offer you what's called "transitional accommodation". This is temporary housing while we work with you to find suitable housing. We'll do this if we have a duty to provide longer term housing.

In the first instance, transitional accommodation is likely to be hostel-type accommodation. It may not always be within the area where you were living, or even within Central Bedfordshire.

If we do have a duty to re-house you, we'll make you an offer of suitable longer-term accommodation. This could be with a private landlord, a housing association or social housing we own.

You will only be made one offer of suitable accommodation and it will be the first home that becomes available.

Find out what to do if you're not happy with the home we offer you.