Homeless: Refusing a home

If you're not happy with the home we've offered you to stop you being homeless

If you're homeless or at risk of being homeless, our duty is to ensure you have somewhere to live.

If you refuse the home we offer you

We can't stop you refusing a home. But if you do, our duty ends and it's unlikely we'll be able to offer you another. Our hands are tied.

We want to help you, so please think very carefully about refusing a home, as there's another way.

How to address the suitability of the home we've offered

  1. accept the home, so you have somewhere to live
  2. ask us to review its suitablity

This way, if the review doesn't work out for you, you'll still have somewhere to live.

Where to get advice

If you're not sure of your position, it's very important to get advice.

We can advise you

You can talk to us, if you need help.

Email: homeless.intervention@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 0300 300 4370

Independent advice

Find out how to get independent advice.