If you're at risk of becoming homeless

If we offer you temporary accommodation

You may be offered transitional (temporary) accommodation if we believe you are in priority need.

The types of transitional accommodation we offer varies. If we offer you a temporary place to stay, it is likely to take the form of one or more of the following:

  • emergency one night stay – accommodation where you will be provided with one room on an emergency basis (breakfast is not included and may have shared kitchen and bathroom facilities)
  • transitional accommodation hubs (hostel-style accommodation) – accommodation used for longer term stays which may have shared kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • accommodation within social housing stock – accommodation provided for a short-fixed period of time only which will not be your longer-term home

The type of transitional accommodation you will be offered depends on what is available at the time of your approach.

Can you stay elsewhere?

You can still apply for housing if you are temporarily staying with a friend or family member which is known as ‘homeless at home’.

For example, if you are asked to leave by a friend or family member you are staying with you may be offered transitional accommodation. However, if you then refuse this accommodation (or do not show up for sign-up) we will discharge interim duty towards you. This means that we have fulfilled our duty to offer you suitable transitional accommodation and you will not be offered further emergency accommodation.

You will only be offered interim-transitional accommodation once, however, your Housing Options Officer will still work with you throughout your homeless case.

If you're offered permanent accommodation

When a permanent offer of accommodation is made to you, you will be provided with a date to vacate your transitional accommodation. You will need to vacate even if you have refused the offer.

Find out what will happen if you refuse an offer of accommodation.

Local organisations that can help

Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church
North Street
Leighton Buzzard

Provides an evening meal on Wednesdays for people who are rough sleeping or who are homeless.

Amicus Trust

Amicus Trust
31 Prebend Street
MK40 1QN

Amicus Trust can help with supported accommodation or for assistance from the Night Owl Bus. The Night Owl Bus is well-equipped with reclining seats that provides overnight accommodation and support for people in immediate crisis.

Telephone: 01234 358478
Email: info@amicustrust.org

Or visit the Amicus Trust Night Shelter's website for more information.

Support outside Central Bedfordshire

Find support in Bedford Borough

Find support in Luton