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Do you qualify for social housing?

Re-apply to the Housing Register

If you need to be on the Housing Register, you must apply or re-apply, even if you were previously verified and had a live application before 23 November 2023. It is important to make sure you do apply; if you don’t, your application will be automatically deleted.

Apply or re-apply to the Housing Register or find out more about the changes we’re making and why they’re important.

Joining the Housing Register

Anyone over the age of 16 with a housing need can apply to join the Housing Register. Certain conditions apply to tenancies allocated to applicants between the ages of 16 and 18.

Some people might not qualify or be eligible to join the Housing Register.

These include:

  • people with no housing need
  • certain people who are subject to immigration control
  • people with a history of unacceptable behaviour
  • people who owe debt to us or to a registered provider
  • people who have not complied with a previous tenancy agreement
  • people who have a household income or savings above the thresholds published in our Annual Lettings Plan
  • people who own their own home

Updated Allocation Scheme 2023

After an extensive consultation earlier this year, changes to our Allocation Scheme have been approved and are now in effect

For more information please view or download the Allocation summary leaflet (PDF).

For further detail about the criteria included in the allocation scheme summary, please view or download the updated Allocation Scheme (PDF).