Alcohol and entertainment licensing

Fees for premises licences

The fee depends on the rateable value of the premises.

Rateable value of premises
Rateable value band
New application / variation fee
Annual fee
No rateable value to £4,300
£4,301 to £33,000
£33,001 to £87,000
£87,001 to £125,000

£125,001 and above


In addition a multiplier will be applied to town and city centre pubs in Bands D and E.

Rateable value
Rateable value band
City / town centre pub application fee
City / town centre annual charge
D (x2)
E (x3)

Other fees

Replacement premises licence or summary: £10.50

Provisional statement where a premises is being built: £195

Interim authority notice following death, etc. of licence holder: £23

Change of name or address: £10.50

Minor variation: £89

Vary the designated premises supervisor: £23

Transfer responsibility from DPS to management committee (where the premises already has a DPS): £23

Transfer of DPS on new applications or variations to add alcohol sales: Full new / variation fee (as above)

Transfer the premises licence: £23