Alcohol and entertainment licensing

Alcohol licences

Latest government advice for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

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Who needs a licence

If you are selling alcohol you will need certain licences.

Any premises where alcohol will be sold on a permanent basis need a premises licence.

Apply online for a premises licence

These premises will also require a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who holds a personal licence.

Anyone who plans to sell, supply, or authorise the sale or supply of alcohol needs a personal licence.

Qualifying members’ clubs (such as the Royal British Legion, working men’s clubs and rugby clubs) need a club premises certificate.

Anyone who plans to sell or supply alcohol on a temporary basis must submit a temporary event notice.

View our statement of licensing policy.

If you need to put tables and chairs on the pavement, outside your premises

To apply for this, you'll need:

  • no money (it's free)
  • details about what you plan to do
  • to show us where you plan to do it

Apply online for tables and chairs permission

Street parties

Read the government's street party guidance, if you're thinking of organising a street party.