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COVID-19: Home to school transport

We're busy, but please bear with us

We're experiencing a high volume of phone calls about school transport. If you’re trying to get through, please be aware there may be a wait, but we're working through the calls and will be with you as soon as possible.

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From September 2021 we will continue to follow government guidance on how your child can get to and from their school.

Pupils should, wherever possible, avoid public transport (including school transport) and:

  • walk to school
  • cycle to school

We're still providing home to school transport

School transport routes will still be provided as normal if your child cannot make their own way to school. Services will operate to normal routes and timetables and government guidance is that social distancing rules do not apply on dedicated home to school transport. Pupils should not board if a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms.

Parental mileage payments for students entitled to travel on mainstream buses will no longer be reimbursed. If you do not wish for your child to travel by bus, please return your pass and advise you would like to opt out of your travel entitlement.

COVID-secure measures on buses

Face coverings, age 11 or above

Unless your child's exempt (visit GOV.UK to find out if your child's exempt from wearing a face covering), they must wear a face covering on school transport, in line with government guidance.

Cleaning and hand sanitiser

We are working with all our transport providers to ensure that all vehicles are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day and that enhanced cleaning takes place overnight. There will be hand sanitiser provided on school buses and coaches; we encourage your child to use this when they get on and off the bus.


Pupils should board the bus at the front and fill seats from the back first. They should leave the bus from the front (last on, first off). Please be aware that drivers are not expected to enforce seating arrangements or hygiene measures. During the journey, windows and any roof lights should be kept open wherever possible to allow suitable ventilation.