Apply for school transport

Apply for transport on medical needs

If your child attends the nearest or catchment school and you or your child have a medical condition which would prevent them walking to school or for you to accompany them, we may be able to assist with transport.

To qualify for transport assistance due to a medical need you will need to fit into the qualifying criteria:

  • live 2 miles from the school if they are under 8
  • live 3 miles from the school if they are 8 or older. The statutory walking distances are measured by the shortest available walking route
  • have a medical need supported by a letter from a GP, Hospital Consultant or Psychiatrist
  • there is no charge for a student of statutory age (5-16). If a student is in year 12 or 13 we require payment of £267.00 per term or £800.00 for the academic year
  • we can also consider low income applications from years 12 or 13. Please see the list of eligible benefits here.
  • have no other suitable adult available to accompany a student

You will need your medical letter, low income information (dated nomore than 2 months prior to your application) or your payment receipt to complete this form. Please ensure you have this to hand before completing the application as you are unable to submit the application without this documentation.

Apply for transport on medical needs

Pay for a bus pass based on medical needs >

Please be aware that if a student has a qualifying medical need you may be able to apply for a disabled persons bus pass from our Public Transport Team. If you are eligible for such a pass, you will be expected to use it to travel between home and college on public transport where appropriate.