Apply for school transport

School Transport appeals

Stage 1

If you have recently applied for and been declined for home to school transport but you feel that there are extenuating circumstances as to why your child is entitled, please complete and return the school transport stage 1 review for (PDF) along with any supporting evidence that you think is appropriate to support your case. This must be submitted within 20 days of the original transport application decision.

The first stage involves senior officers examining your evidence to see if the Home to School Transport Policy has been applied properly and fairly. If they find that it has not been and that you are entitled then transport will be provided. If they find that the Policy has been applied properly and fairly then your stage 1 appeal will be rejected and you will be written to explaining why this decision has been made.

Stage 2

If you are unsuccessful at stage 1 and you feel that your child is entitled due to your circumstances then you can escalate your appeal to stage 2. A stage 2 appeal allows you to supply all necessary evidence as to why you feel your child is entitled and for you to verbally represent your case to an independent Transport Eligibility Panel.

This panel is made of 3 members who are not employed by us and have no affiliation with the school your child attends. If you are unsuccessful at stage 1, then you will be supplied with the necessary form for you take your appeal to the 2nd stage or you may download the stage 2 appeal form (PDF). This must be submitted within 20 working days of the stage 1 appeal decision.

For more information on the appeals process please view our home to school transport policy (PDF) or please contact