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Personal transport budgets for children with special educational needs and looked-after children

What is a personal transport budget?

A personal transport budget is a payment designed to help you make arrangements which will enable you to facilitate your child accessing school.

You can use the budget in any way you wish, to ensure your child attends school every day, on time and in a fit state to learn. For example, it can help towards covering the costs of running a family car or arranging with another member of the family or friends to assist with childcare, enabling you to make the journey.

The payment can also be put to use by arranging childcare for a younger sibling whilst the older sibling is taken to school in the family car.

The payment is a fixed amount, based on proximity and bears no relationship to the cost of a taxi or hired vehicle.

The personal transport budget is available to children with an education, health and care plan (EHCP) or looked-after children in our care and who have been assessed as eligible to receive home to school transport. The budget is granted at our discretion and is not automatically given upon request.

Please read the guidance notes before completing your application (PDF 231.7KB) .

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