Apply for school transport

Apply for transport for people over 16

If a young person is aged between 16 and 18 and in further education or training, we may be able to help with transport. Transport is provided to young people who attend the catchment or nearest appropriate school or the nearest establishment which offers the chosen course or training.


Travel assistance may be provided to a young person aged between 16 and 25, living in Central Bedfordshire, for the whole academic year under two conditions:

Condition 1: Eligible benefits

If someone within the household is in receipt of an eligible benefit (view list of relevant benefits).

Condition 2: At least one criterion met

If the young person:

  • has a medical need (you will require written proof from your GP, hospital consultant or psychiatrist)
  • is looked after by us and in residential or foster care
  • has special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and is enrolled on a course or training which we've acknowledged as being the nearest able to meet their needs, as set out in their educational health and care plan (EHCP), if they have one, and where the young person may require travel assistance to enable them to attend

If the young person is not in any of these categories, no transport will be provided. For more information please view our Post-16 Transport Policy.

How much it costs

The standard fee for providing transport from September 2021 is £267 per term.

However, a young person may be entitled to free travel assistance if he or she has certain medical needs, or if someone in the household is in receipt of one of the qualifying income-related benefits.

Transport will also be provided free of charge for young adults, aged between 19 to 25 starting a course or training in September 2021, who have special educational needs and have been assessed as requiring assistance to enable them to travel to and from their place of education or training.

If you are not entitled to transport through us, we would also advise you to contact your education provider as colleges and schools have access to the 16 to 18 bursary which can help towards your transport costs. These are administered directly by schools and colleges and the amount they offer may vary depending on your circumstances.

How to apply

Apply for post-16 transport

You will need your supporting evidence: medical letter, low income information (dated no more than 2 months prior to your application) or your payment receipt to complete this form. If you are applying on the grounds of special educational needs, you will need to provide evidence to show that travel assistance is necessary to enable your young person to attend their school, college or training provider. Please ensure you have this to hand before completing the application as you are unable to submit the application without this documentation.

Please note that a young person with a qualifying medical need may be able to apply for a disabled persons bus pass. If you are eligible for such a pass, the young person will be expected to use it to travel between home and college on public transport where appropriate.

Please note: this form is not for concessionary travel on mainstream school buses. Find out how to apply for concessionary travel to school.