Apply for school transport

COVID-19: Home to school transport

As schools start to re-open, we are following government guidance on how your child can get to and from their school.

With social distancing rules still in effect, pupils should, wherever possible, avoid public transport (including school transport) and either:

  • walk to school
  • cycle to school
  • travel in your car

We can reimburse you for car mileage

If your child is eligible for home to school transport assistance and normally travels on a school bus or coach, but you are planning to drive them to and from school instead, we can refund you for the mileage you drive.

Reimbursements are calculated on the distance between your home and your child’s school at a rate of 36p per mile for four journeys a day (i.e. a return journey in the morning and the afternoon).

To apply for mileage reimbursement payments:

  1. download the application form (PDF) (you'll need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill this in)
  2. complete it on a monthly basis
  3. return it to your child’s school every month (if you're sending via email, find out how to secure the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, as it will contain personal information)

The school will verify your claim before passing it to us, for payment to be made direct into your bank account.

We can still provide socially-distanced transport, with limited capacity

School transport will still be provided, in the usual way, for pupils that cannot make their own way to school. This will operate with a reduced number of seats, though, due to social distancing rules.

If you still need a seat, please email: