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How to bid

If you qualify for the Housing Register, you will be able to express a preference (bid) for vacant social rented properties advertised through Bedfordshire Homefinder (link opens in new window), our Choice Based Lettings (CBL) System. 

Available properties are advertised weekly from Thursday to Tuesday.

Properties available for bidding

View current properties (PDF 1.3MB) (updated 13 December 2018)

Properties let

View properties advertised from April 2018 until October 2018 (PDF 256.7KB)

View properties advertised from April 2017 until March 2018 (PDF 434.4KB)

You will be able to see the successful applicant's band and length of wait before they were allocated a property. The length of time waiting can vary because some areas are more popular than others.

This information may help you decide which properties to bid on. Only you can decide whether it is more important that you are housed quickly in a property which may not meet all your preferences but which will solve your housing problem, or; whether you can wait longer for a property that you really want.


We recommend you read these short guides on how to use the system and what to do, before you start bidding for the first time.

Bedfordshire homefinder - quick guide to bidding (PDF 2.5MB)

This explains what to do if you are bidding for the first time and how to use the system.

Bedfordshire homefinder - top tips for successful bidding (PDF 738.1KB)

This gives you useful ideas to help make the most of your bids.

Guide to symbols (PDF 488.1KB)

This explains the symbols used on the website to make it easier to find properties which meet your requirements.

Bidding on new properties (PDF 707.7KB)

Essential guidance if you intend to bid for a new property.

Bidding on properties suitable for those with mobility difficulties (PDF 1.9MB)

This guide explains the level of adaptations that have been carried out in properties designated as suitable for people with physical or mobility difficulties.

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