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Definitive map - modifications

Applications confirmed

Barton Le Clay Public Footpath No. 9 - Order confirmed by Secretary of State 17 March 2015.
Modification notice (PDF 13.4KB)
Map (PDF 928.2KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 13.3KB)

Clophill Public Footpath Nos. 10 and 11.
Application (PDF 2.2MB)
Modification Notice (PDF 184.6KB)
Map (PDF 458.9KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.6KB)

Biggleswade Public Footpath No. E7. Order confirmed and came into force on 8 July 2016.
Modification notice (PDF 11.8KB)
Map (PDF 800.7KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 13KB)

Harlington Public Footpath No. 29.
Application (PDF 16.2KB)
Modification notice (PDF 30.9KB)
Map (PDF 183.7KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.1KB)

Haynes Bridleway No. 7
Application (PDF 2.3MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 141.6KB)
Map (PDF 31.4KB)

Heath and Reach Public Footpath No. 8
Application (PDF 2.1MB)
Notice (PDF 231.3KB)
Map (PDF 302KB)

Houghton Regis Public Footpath Nos. 33 and 36
Application (PDF 16.6KB) and Map (PDF 865KB)
Notice (PDF 102.6KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 803B)

Houghton Regis Public Bridleway No. 12. Order confirmed 11 September 2015.
Modification notice (PDF 12.7KB)
Map (PDF 865KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.1KB)

Langford Bridleway No. 17 and Biggleswade Bridleway No. 54
Application (PDF 2.4MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 92.9KB)
Map (PDF 86.9KB)

Maulden Public Footpath No. 11
Application (PDF 2.5MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 17.4KB)
Map 1 (PDF 5.7MB)
Map 2 (PDF 6.2MB)
Post confirmation map (PDF 6.2MB)

Toddington Footpath No 101 Order confirmed and came into force 4 August 2017
Public notice (PDF 9.2KB)
Plan (PDF 1.8MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 8.7KB)

Westoning Footpath No. 9
Application (PDF 867.9KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 23KB)
Map (PDF 28.7KB)