Definitive map - modifications

Register of map modifications

Ampthill application (PDF 64.6KB) . To add Byway Open to All Traffic along Ashburnham Road.

Biggleswade, Stratton Park Drive. To add a Footpath between Manor Court and Dunton Lane along Stratto Park Drive. DETERMINED (refused) Delegated powers report (PDF 1.4MB)

Brogborough and Ridgmont various - application (PDF 1.6MB) . To add a Public Footpath at Brogborough - Lidlington parish boundary between The Round House, Fox Covert and Bedford - Bletchley Railway Line. An order was made, however objections were received, and was rejected by the Secretary of State.

Clophill Public Footpath Nos. 12 and 13 Application (PDF 2.2MB) , Notice (PDF 203.8KB) and Map (PDF 448KB) . Order made and objections received. Secretary of State did not confirm.

Everton application (PDF 488KB) . To add a public footpath over Green Lane. Application refused on the grounds cited in the delegated powers report (PDF 3.4MB) .

Haynes application (PDF 1.4MB) . To delete part of the footpath. Application refused on the grounds cited in the delegated powers report (PDF 517.6KB) .

Henlow application (PDF 16.3KB) and map (PDF 256.7KB) - to delete part of Langford Public Bridleway 5 (in parish of Henlow). Application withdrawn.

Maulden Footpath 28 application (PDF 15.9KB) and map (PDF 682.6KB) - to delete footpath.  Application refused and subsequent appeal dismissed.

Silsoe application (PDF 1.4MB) - to add a Public Footpath along the walked route around the perimeter of the main garden of Horsekeeper's Cottage, Wardhedges, Flitton.

Shillington Footpath VI (PDF 224.9KB) - to delete and add sections of footpath.  Resolved by making of Public Path Orders.

Toddington application No. 21 (PDF 1.8MB) - to delete part of Public Footpath 21. Refused as not fully submitted.