Definitive map - modifications


Map anomalies were first recorded when digitising the Definitive Map in the 1990s. The database created has been added to as and when items are discovered. Currently there are around 360 identified anomalies. They are also shown on a layer within the ou online maps and include:

  • paths obstructed by permanent features or problems not resolvable by enforcement
  • gaps, parish / county boundary anomalies or dead-ends
  • paths known or believed to be recorded with the wrong status
  • 'used route anomalies', i.e. where route other than the definitive one is currently / historically used and it is not reasonable to enforce the legal route
  • duplicate, parallel or redundant routes

Anomalies that are currently being worked on

  • Biggleswade Bridleway No. 28
  • Cockayne Hatley Footpath No. 8
  • Clophill Footpath No. A2
  • Haynes Bridleway No. 19
  • Henlow Footpath No. 18
  • Houghton Regis Bridleway No. 12
  • Houghton Regis Footpath Nos. 33 and 36
  • Potsgrove Bridleway No. 7
  • Sandy Footpath No. 1
  • Shillington Footpath Nos. 20 and 35
  • Shillington Scyttels Court Creation
  • Shillington Footpath No. 23
  • Stotfold Footpath No. 11
  • Studham Footpath No. 20