Definitive map - modifications

Applications awaiting determination

Battlesden application No. 14 (PDF 2.1MB) . To add Public Footpaths to the east of Watergate Farm.

Caddington application No. 57 (PDF 196.5KB) . To upgrade Bridleway No. 40 to a restricted byway.

Cranfield Broughton Grounds application No. 46 (PDF 19.2KB) and map (PDF 5.2MB) . To add a Public Bridleway at Broughton Grounds.

Clophill application No. 86 (PDF) – That a circular walk exists (footpath) around the perimeter of the field known as "Hay Close" situated to the north side of Old Kiln Lane, Clophill

Clophill Old Kiln Lane application No. 45 (PDF 16.2KB) and map (PDF 1.7MB) . To add 3 sections of Restricted Byway.

Cranfield application No. 69 (PDF) – That a public bridleway exists over Cranfield FP 25

Cranfield application No. 88 (PDF) – link between BW7 and BW34

Eaton Bray application No. 80 (PDF) – That bridleways subsist past the cricket ground and to north and west (The Rye)

Fairfield Kingsley Avenue application No. 52 (PDF 242KB) . To add a BOAT along Kingsley Avenue.

Flitton and Greenfield application No. 60 (PDF) – That a public bridleway subsists between Westoning Road, Flitton and Church Road, Pulloxhill

Gravenhurst (CBC application, PDF) - FP7 width investigation

Haynes application No. 78 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists along the track as part of the Continuation of North Lane

Heath and Reach application No. 9 (PDF 1.1MB) . To add Public Footpath at Rushmere Estate.

Henlow application No. 15 (PDF 15.7KB) and plan (PDF 164.7KB) . To add a Public Footpaths adjacent to Henlow Village Hall.

Hyde application No. 21 (PDF 71.1KB) and delegated powers report (PDF 3.6MB) . To upgrade Public Footpath 14 to Byway Open to All Traffic. DETERMINED (as RB status plus additional FP and BW links)

Hyde application No. 53 (PDF 274.5KB) . To add a BOAT along the western half of part of Farrs Lane (public road). See also NH/282/MOD on Hertfordshire County Council's website (under section K) for the parallel application to add a restricted byway to the eastern half of Farrs Lane. The applicant has appealed to the Secretary of State for the application to be determined.

Kensworth application No. 64 (PDF) – Claimed restricted byway along lane to east of Isle of Wight Farm

Kensworth application No. 65 (PDF) – That a public bridleway subsists along Kensworth FP 1 and to Kensworth House

Leighton Buzzard application No. 10 (PDF). For Public Footpath between Garden Leys and Stanbridge Road.

Leighton Buzzard application No. 39 (PDF) – Claimed Footpath along old railway line between Grovebury Road and Mentmore Gardens

Leighton Buzzard application No. 47 (PDF) – Woodman Close alleyway FP (gate)

Marston Moretaine application No. 79 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists along the track leading to Thrift Wood

Maulden application No. 91 (PDF) – BW 23, close to the end of FP 20 to Clophill Rd by Dog and Badger

Milton Bryant application No. 73 (PDF) – That a Bridleway exists over a number of footpaths in the area

Northill application No. 85 (PDF) – That a public bridleway subsists over the length of track known as Redgate

Old Warden application No. 66 (PDF) – That a public bridleway exists along the track through Warden Little and Great Woods

Old Warden application No. 81 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists over the section of OWA FP 6

Potton application No. 77 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists along the track situated between the graveyard and new housing estate.

Sandy application No. 67 (PDF) – That a restricted byway subsists along the unregistered track between Everton Road and Deepdale Lane

Shillington application No. 1 (PDF 1.3MB) . To delete part of Public Footpath 13.

Shillington application No. 16 (PDF 1.5MB) . To add Public Footpath which crosses Water Close / Donkey Meadow.

Silsoe application No. 75 (PDF) – That a Bridleway subsists along the road and farm track leading to BW 6

Stanbridge application No. 76 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists along the road known as Kingsway

Stondon application No. 63 (PDF) – That a bridleway exists over FP 51

Stondon application No. 68 (PDF) – That a public bridleway exists over the track to Holwellbury Farm and over Stondon FP 49

Stotfold and Langford /Farirfield application No. 52 (PDF) – That a BOAT subsists along Kingsley Avenue from Hitchin Road to Hardy Way

Stotfold application No. 54 (PDF). To add a public footpath along the track between Church Road and Home Close.

Streatley application No. 56 (PDF 225.9KB) . To upgrade Bridleways Nos. 23 and 41 to a restricted byway.

Streatley application No. 58 (PDF) – That a bridleway exists over Great Bramingham Lane and Streatley FP 3. A parallel application within Luton has been made.

Streatley application No. 62 (PDF) – That a public bridleway subsists over Streatley FPS 17 and 37.

Streatley application No. 71 (PDF) – That a Restricted Byway subsists between Lilley and Luton

Sundon application No. 72 (PDF) – That a Restricted Byway subsists over Tip Road that runs through the Sundon Quarry site.

Toddington application No. 3 (PDF) – To delete the eastern branch of Toddington FP21

Westoning application No. 8 (PDF 1.9MB) . Public Footpath 17 to a Public Bridleway.

Westoning application No. 61 (PDF) – That a public bridleway exists along the ancient College Farm Lane and thence westwards to the railway line

Westoning application No. 74 (PDF) – That a Bridleway subsists over the private track between Sampshill Road and BW 5

Westoning application No. 83 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists over Westoning FP 10

Whipsnade application No. 82 (PDF) – That a restricted Byway subsists along Studham Lane

Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley application No. 41 (PDF 1.7MB) . To add Public Footpath north of Village Road.

Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley application No. 92 (PDF) – That a bridleway subsists from Village road, south on FP C2 eastwards to join FP C14 to end at BW Tadlow 4