Rights of way

Public rights of way

We are responsible for the maintenance of over 1,340 kilometres of public rights of way in Central Bedfordshire within our towns and villages and out into the wider countryside. These rights of way are recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement, which are available for public inspection.

You can report a problem found on public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways and byways) in Central Bedfordshire to us.

Public footpaths: for walkers only. You are allowed to take a pram, pushchair or wheelchair along a public footpath, but many routes may not be physically suitable for that purpose.

Public bridleways: for walkers, horse riders and pedal cyclists. Cyclists must give way to walkers and horse-riders.

Restricted byways: for walkers, horse riders and non-mechanically propelled vehicles.

Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT): for vehicles, cyclists, horse riders and walkers. Restrictions affecting motorised users apply on some byways.

The rights of way contacts map: details the officers who look after Central Bedfordshire's rights of way network.

We also have a series of recreational routes from the long distance Greensand Ridge Walk to a 1 mile walk at Flitton Moor.

Online maps

The Central Bedfordshire public rights of way network can be viewed using our online mapping system. This indicative map is for personal reference use only and is not a copy of the Definitive Map. It should not be used for conveyancing or other commercial purposes. The rights of way information will disappear as you zoom into the map. Public footpaths are indicated by a pink line, public bridleways by a green line and BOATs by a brown line. To view the Definitive Map, please email rowissues@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk and make an appointment.


A public right of way gives users a right to pass and re-pass along the route and to deviate around any obstruction they may come across We maintain path surfaces to control natural vegetation and keeping them free of obstructions. We carry out an annual clearance programme for many field edge paths.

We also signpost paths where they leave a metalled road and way-mark along a path where appropriate. We maintain and install bridges over natural watercourses such as streams and ditches.


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Byway restrictions information (PDF 19.4KB)