Reporting a repair

Repairs we charge for

In most circumstances, we will charge for repairs to damage caused by misuse, abuse or negligence by you, your family or visitors to your property. These are called ‘rechargeable repairs’.

You could be recharged for the following:

  • deliberate damage to appliances
  • misuse of appliances
  • deliberate vandalism of property/appliances
  • accidental damage caused by your family or visitors to the property

If repair work is needed for this type of damage, it will not be carried out by our repairs contractors, unless there is a risk to health and safety.

If rechargeable work is carried out, we will ask you to sign a letter accepting responsibility for the cost before the work is started. We will then send you a bill when the work has been done.

If you are the victim of crime and your home has been damaged, you should report it to the Police and ask for a crime number. You must give us the crime number when you ask us to carry out repairs, or you may be charged for the repair.

We will also recharge you if we are called out to repairs which are your responsibility. Please check whether the repair is your responsibility.

Recharge for gaining access to carry out the annual gas safety check

If you do not allow us into your home to carry out the annual gas safety check, we may have to gain access, as we have a legal responsibility to carry out this check. We will recharge you for repairs to any damage caused in gaining access.

Work we may charge you for when you move out

In certain circumstances we will charge you for repairs.

When you move out, you are responsible for leaving the property clean and empty of unwanted furniture and rubbish (including lofts, sheds and the garden). If you don’t, we will charge you.