Reporting a repair

Who is responsible for the repair?

Before you contact us to report a repair, please check the list below to find out who is responsible for the repair (you or us, the council). *Some repairs may be recharged to you if the fault is due to misuse.

It’s important to remember that any improvements or alterations you have made to your home must be maintained and repaired by you.

Please note: if you make a right-to-buy application for your property we will only carry out emergency works to your home. If you tell us in writing that you decide not to go ahead with your application, we will complete repairs in the usual way.

We are responsible for:


  • blocked basin, bath, shower, toilet (unless caused by putting inappropriate items down the waste*)
  • tap will not turn off
  • replacement tap
  • loose fitting tap
  • replace tap washer
  • refix wash hand basin brackets
  • refix bathroom tiles
  • refix bath panel and framework
  • replace, basin, bath, shower
  • toilet bowls
  • extractor fans (unless installed by you)


  • ceilings
  • loft hatches
  • plasterwork

Boilers and central heating:

  • repairs to boiler and pipework
  • rectify central heating not working


  • make safe dangerous chimney
  • repair chimney stack
  • chimney sweeping


  • plastering
  • external decoration
  • decoration to communal (shared) areas


  • make safe back for front door
  • repair or replace locks to external doors (lost keys are tenant's responsibility)
  • doors into the property and their door frames (if the repair is needed because of vandalism or burglary, you need to get a crime number from the Police)
  • porches
  • repairs to door steps
  • repairs to garage doors
  • repairs to internal doors
  • door entry systems (communal properties)


  • blocked drains (unless blockage has been caused by inappropriate disposals such as nappies, food waste and fat, sanitary products *)
  • manhole covers and frames


  • loss of electricity or lights (unless due to power cut)
  • water penetrating electrics
  • dangerous or exposed wires
  • electric heating
  • repair or renew fuse box
  • communal hallway and landing lights
  • lights in garage
  • electrical wiring, switches and sockets (additional sockets may be recharged)


  • additional sockets may be recharged
  • tiled surrounds
  • smoke problems


  • floorboards
  • floor tiles
  • replace defective flooring
  • rescreed floor
  • repair/replace skirting boards


  • garage doors and locks (lost keys are the tenants responsibility)
  • defective roofs
  • lights in garage

Gardens and external areas: (see also garages, out houses and sheds)

  • paths and driveways
  • fences bordering public roads and paths
  • garden walls
  • manhole covers and frames
  • parking areas (communal)


  • central heating and water heating
  • annual gas safety check
  • carbon monoxide detectors

Gutters and downpipes

  • clear blocked gutter
  • replace broken gutter
  • remake leaking gutter joints
  • downpipes
  • fascia boards and soffits


  • blocked sink (Unless caused by putting inappropriate items down the waste, e.g. food waste and fat *)
  • tap will not turn off
  • replacement tap
  • loose fitting tap
  • replace tap washer
  • repairs to sink
  • refix tiles
  • kitchen units (Unless fitted by tenant or unless damage is caused by misuse *)
  • worktops (Unless fitted by tenant or unless damage is caused by misuse *)
  • extractor fans (unless installed by you)


  • front or back door not secure
  • external door locks faulty
  • locks external, general (lost keys are the tenant's responsibility)

Outhouses / sheds:

  • repairs to independent structures


  • burst pipe - internal
  • burst pipe - external
  • leaking soil pipe
  • loose fitting pipes
  • water hammer
  • refix rainwater pipe
  • refix shoe to rainwater pipe
  • replace sections of vent pipes
  • overflow pipes
  • airlocks


  • slipped tiles
  • make safe after storm damage
  • major roof repairs
  • rain penetration
  • refix or replace loose or cracked tiles or slates
  • defects to garage roof
  • repairs to flashings
  • rebed and repoint joints to ridge tiles

Stairs and lifts:

  • lifts not working
  • repair bannister rail
  • repairs to staircase
  • steps to front or back doors


  • tap will not turn off
  • other repairs to taps
  • replace tap washer


  • wall, floor, fireplaces etc


  • dangerous walls, make safe
  • external brickwork including pointing
  • foundations
  • damp-proof course
  • external rendering (rough plaster on outside of homes)
  • internal plasterwork

Water (see also bathrooms, kitchens, drains, pipes, boilers, immersion heaters):

  • burst pipe – external
  • burst pipe – internal
  • burst tank
  • no water – total
  • continuous overflow
  • minor leaks – internal

You are responsible for:


  • plugs, chains and cleaning
  • replace showerhead
  • shower curtain
  • toilet seats

Curtain rails:

  • curtain rails and battens
  • blinds, blind fittings and cords


  • internal decorations, including after repair and minor cracks in plaster
  • filling small holes or cracks less than 5mm wide in walls or ceilings
  • decorative coatings to walls (artex) - if non-asbestos


  • gain access
  • glazing to external and internal doors
  • external door numbers, letter boxes and plates, door knockers and bells
  • internal cupboard door handles and catches (other than kitchen units), wardrobe handles and catches
  • door adjustment to fit carpets


  • electrical plugs and fuses from tenants own appliances
  • Smoke detectors
  • light bulbs
  • strip lights
  • fuses
  • resetting fuse or trip switch
  • electricity supply and meter, power cuts


  • floor coverings (includes vinyl, carpets and laminates)


  • lost keys are the tenant's responsibility

Gardens and external areas (see also Garages, Outhouses and Sheds):

  • garden (except communal gardens)
  • external / garden taps
  • fences dividing gardens
  • garden gates, gate catches and locks (Unless the gate gives access to more than one property)
  • water butts (unless part of original rain water drainage for the property)
  • clothes lines, posts and rotary dryers (unless in communal area)


  • gas escapes report immediately to National Grid 0800 111 999 emergency number
  • gas cookers, connection pipes and other tenant’s appliances (work must be carried out by Gas Safe registered contractor)
  • gas fire renewal (Work must be carried out by Gas Safe registered contractor)


  • blocked sink if caused by putting inappropriate items down the waste, e.g. food waste and fat *
  • plugs, chains and cleaning
  • gas cookers and connection pipes (work must be carried out by Gas Safe registered contractor)
  • electric cookers, cooker point and fitting (work must be carried out by a qualified electrician)
  • kitchen appliances such as fridges and dishwashers (unless in communal areas)
  • plumbing in and connecting your own appliances
  • Kitchen units (if fitted by tenant or unless damage is caused by misuse *)
  • extractor fan (if installed by you)


  • gain access
  • lost keys are the tenants responsibility

TV and telephone fittings:

  • TV aerials, satellite dishes (Unless on blocks of flats with a communal aerial)
  • TV Socket (Unless in sheltered housing)
  • telephone extension points and cables


  • shelving


  • broken glass (unless you have a crime reference number)

For more information read our Repairs and maintenance booklet (PDF 760.3KB)