Reporting a repair

How quickly will the repair be done?

When you report a repair, we will give it a priority category depending on the type of repair and agree an appointment time with you:


We will start the repair within 2 hours and complete or make safe within 24 hours.


We will complete the repair within 20 working days.

Right-to-repair scheme

The Right-to-Repair scheme covers certain repairs which may affect your health, safety or security. By law we must carry out these repairs within a certain time and they are known as ‘qualifying repairs’. 

Some examples of defects covered by this scheme are:

  • total or partial loss of electric power
  • total or partial loss of water
  • total or partial loss of gas supply
  • toilet not flushing (where there is no other working toilet in the dwelling house)

If our contractor does not carry out a ‘qualifying repair’ within the correct guidelines, you are entitled to ask for a second contractor to carry out the work. Should the second contractor fail to carry out the work on time, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our repair priorities and timescales take account of these guidelines and our repairs coordinators can let you know if your repair qualifies under this scheme.

For more information read our repairs and maintenance booklet (PDF 760.3KB) .