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At the conclusion of the council’s complaint procedure, the complainant has the right to contact the Ombudsman if they remain unhappy with the outcome of their complaint. For complaints about the council as a landlord, this will be the Housing Ombudsman. For all other complaints, this will be the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. Both Ombudsman publish as many decisions are they can once they have concluded their own investigations. As an open and accountable council, we have taken the steps to link any decisions reached by the Ombudsmen about Central Bedfordshire Council to this page.

Central Bedfordshire Council (22 010 004) - 18 November 2022

Summary: We will not investigate Mrs X’s complaint about the content of an Education Health and Care Plan. This is because it is reasonable for Mrs X to appeal to the SEND Tribunal. If Mrs X wants to challenge the Council’s decision not to provide her daughter with free transport she can do so through the Council’s own appeals process.

Central Bedfordshire Council (22 000 872) - 21 September 2022

Summary: Mr X complained there was delay in completing his son, Y’s, Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) and in Y starting at a suitable school. Mr X also complained Y has missed out on Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), a personal budget request was delayed, the Council provided inaccurate information to his MP and there was poor communication from the Council. Y has missed out on full time education, therapy and this has caused distress to Mr X. The Council failed to adhere to the statutory timescales of the EHCP process, but this did not impact when Y started at a suitable school. The Council provided inaccurate information to the MP, delayed providing a personal budget, failed to ensure the SALT provision specified in Y’s plan was delivered, and the communication with the Council was difficult.

Central Bedfordshire Council (22 005 609) - 18 August 2022

Summary: We will not investigate this complaint about delay by the Council in responding to Ms X’s complaint about councillor conduct as any remaining injustice caused to Ms X is not sufficient to warrant our involvement. We cannot question the decision on Ms X’s complaint as, other than the delay, there is no indication of fault in how it was reached.

Central Bedfordshire Council (22 004 583) -  6 July 2022

Summary: We will not investigate Miss B’s complaint that her car was damaged by a pothole. This is because it is reasonable for Miss B to pursue her compensation claim at court.

Central Bedfordshire Council (21 010 722) - 26 June 2022

Summary: Mrs X complained that the Council failed to provide her son’s special educational provision in line with his Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. She also complained that the Council delayed issuing a final EHC plan after a review. Mrs X said this impacted her son and the wider family and caused her stress. We find the Council at fault for delay issuing the amended EHC plan. This caused injustice. The Council has agreed to make a payment to Mrs X to reflect the injustice caused. We do not find the Council at fault regarding special educational provision.

Central Bedfordshire Council (22 002 551) - 7 June 2022

Summary: We cannot investigate this complaint about the Council’s communication with a parish council. This is because we cannot investigate complaints made by a councillor on behalf of a parish council.

Central Bedfordshire Council (21 018 730) - 4 May 2022

Summary: We will not investigate this complaint about the Council’s decision not to prosecute an estate agent with whom the complainant is in dispute. We do not start an investigation if we decide the tests set out in our Assessment Code are not met.

Central Bedfordshire Council (20 011 925) - 19 April 2022

Summary: Mrs B complained about how the Council dealt with the assessment and support of her daughter. The Council has completed the statutory children’s complaints process, which means the issues have been independently investigated, and a Panel has reviewed the investigation. The Council has acknowledged there was fault and agreed a means to remedy this. There is no fault in the investigation and no basis for me to recommend that the Council take further action.

Central Bedfordshire Council (21 013 547) - 13 April 2022

Summary: We will not investigate this complaint about the Councils decision to award contacts to the complainants’ competitors. It would have been reasonable for Mr X to take legal action if he felt the Council had not conducted the tender properly.