Customer feedback

Comments, compliments and complaints

We welcome feedback; comments, compliments and complaints from customers about the services we provide. The views of our customers are important and help us to consider where changes to services may be appropriate.

How to make a comment, compliment or complaint


You may wish to express observations about the services we provide and have suggestions or ideas about how we could improve things for our customers. We will aim to reply within 5 working days, where possible.


You may wish to tell us about a service that has been good or a member of staff who has been helpful. We will thank you for your feedback and share your praise with those involved.


You may wish to tell us if the quality or standard of service you have received, as an individual, has fallen short. Common examples of complaints are delay; poor record keeping; failure to act; failure to follow procedure or the law; poor communication; behaviour of our staff (also called officers); or giving out misleading information.

Please note our complaint procedure does not cover:

Complaint handling

Find out how we deal with most customer complaints. However, should your complaint be about children’s social care and be related to a child in need; a looked after child; a child leaving care; adoption; or special guardianship it may follow our children's social care complaints procedure.

You can also download our leaflet about how we handle complaints (link opens in new window).

Staff are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure complaints are dealt with fairly but in some cases, customers may pursue their complaints in a way that is unreasonable. They may behave unacceptably or be unreasonably persistent in their contacts and submission of information. This can impact on a complaint investigation and can have significant resource issues. These actions can occur either while the complaint is being considered, or once a complaint investigation has been concluded. We may need to take steps to manage difficult behaviours. Our Vexatious and Unreasonable Complainants Policy and Procedure (link opens in new window) sets out how we deal with cases of this nature.