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How to complain about our services

The following information will provide you with an overview of how we deal with customer complaints, about our services. If you would like to see the procedure in full, you can view or download our full Customer Feedback Procedure (PDF).

If your complaint relates to children’s social care, it may follow a separate process (find out how you can complain about children's social care).

Find out how to complain about housing.

What happens when you make a complaint?

When we receive your complaint, we will assess the best way to deal with it. We believe it is important to try and sort things out for you as quickly as possible. If we can do this ‘on the spot’ and within a working day, we will. If this is not possible, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days and tell you how we plan to investigate. We will also offer to discuss this with you.

We understand that some people may fear losing a service if they complain but we would like to reassure you that you will be treated fairly. We welcome complaints as they help us to see where we can improve services. You will not have a service withdrawn or delayed because you complain.

Adult social care complaints

If your complaint is in relation to both the social care and health services that you receive, we will aim to use one agreed approach with health colleagues to deal with the complaint. We will also give you one point of contact to make it easier for you to talk to us about your complaint.

If your complaint is in relation to care in a residential home or help at home that social care is paying towards you can tell the home or company directly or you can tell us. If you tell us, we will make sure the complaint is investigated.

If social care is not paying towards your care, we would not be able to look at your complaint. How to complain about self-funded care.

What support is there to help me make a complaint?


An advocate is someone who can help you to make a complaint and ensure your views are heard. There are various types of independent advocacy services available, depending on your needs.

For a child or young person who wants to make a complaint about children’s social care services, we can organise an advocate on request. Alternatively, a child or young person can request an advocate.

Reasonable adjustments

The Equality Act says we should make reasonable adjustments if you have a disability that would make it difficult for you to make a complaint. This is called making reasonable adjustments.

Find out more about reasonable adjustments.

Other support

You can also:

Other action you can take

If you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been handled, you do have the right to contact the Ombudsman.

If your complaint is about us, as your housing landlord, you can contact the Housing Ombudsman.

For all other complaints you can contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

View or download the Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling Self Assessment (PDF)

Please note: This Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. To request an accessible version, please email

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