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Mutual exchange and rightsizing

Deed of Assignment

Although at this point, we have agreed for the exchange to go ahead and you have a moving date with those involved, you still need to sign a Deed of Assignment.

To move without signing a deed of assignment will make you illegal occupiers of your new home.

You will be asked to return to your own home at your cost.

Failure to do so may result in you losing your tenancy, leaving you intentionally homeless.

A Deed of Assignment is a legal document, which transfers the names on the tenancy from your name into the new tenancy holder’s name(s). Without this document, the tenancy of your new property will still be in other person's name and your old property will still be in your name.

This means that you will still be responsible for your tenancy at the property that you have left. If the exchanger damages the property and / or the grounds, the responsibility will still be yours.

If you choose to move without signing the deed of assignment, this may put your exchange at risk and cost you money to repay removal costs, along with the emotional upset that this can cause.

When do I sign the Deed of Assignment?

When you tell us the date that you and the other parties have agreed to move, we will arrange a time, before you move, for you and all parties to come into the office to sign the deeds.

You will all need to come in at the same time to witness each other’s signatures.

Along with your signature, we will require four weeks rent in advance from whoever is moving into a Central Bedfordshire property, and if you are receiving benefits a notification of a change in circumstances receipt.

You should do this before sign-up. Other housing providers will have their own procedure.

Once signed, you will each receive a copy of the deeds. From this point, all parties relevant are bound to the exchange, and you can legally move.

All tenancies will start on a Monday.