Mutual exchange and rightsizing | Central Bedfordshire Council

Mutual exchange and rightsizing

Inspections and repairs before you can exchange

Before you can exchange properties, a surveyor will have to visit your home to do an inspection. If there are any repairs or removals, you will be responsible for arranging to do these before the exchange can go ahead.

The technical surveyor will send you a letter listing what needs to be done. When you have done the repairs, you can contact the technical surveyor again to do another inspection.

You need to be careful when deciding whether to carry out an exchange because you will be accepting the property ‘as seen’. We will not carry out additional work or bring the property up to our usual lettable standard if it falls short of this.

Repairs must be fixed before an exchange

An exchange will not take place until all repairs are successfully completed.

If you know that things need doing, you should sort these out before you agree to a mutual exchange.

Our contractor, Engie, can be contacted on 0800 074 0263 for repairs that we are responsible for. This will be the same for all Central Bedfordshire parties.

Those who are exchanging from other local authorities or housing associations will have their own policies, which may delay the exchange.

Confirmation letter

Once all works are complete, everyone involved in the exchange will receive a confirmation letter.

This letter is our agreement that the exchange can take place, and asks you to give us 7 days notice of the moving date that you have agreed with all of the other people involved.