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Mutual exchange and rightsizing

Rightsizing and downsizing


Deciding to leave the family home is never easy. It is not a decision taken lightly by most people. As we age, most of us want to retain our independence, alongside feeling safe and secure.

Choosing to move through rightsizing can mean you:

  • still retain your independence
  • have access to the level of support that you choose
  • have less pressure to maintain an oversized property
  • end up with more money in your pocket
  • have more time to enjoy yourself

We recognise that older people are motivated by the same desires as other age groups, but often find moving more difficult. We have a range of independent living accommodation for our older tenants who still want modern, bright, airy homes and access to green spaces, as well as attractive benefits to support a house move.

There are lots of things that we can do to help support your move; if you are interested and would like further information on rightsizing, please email

Downsizing with mutual exchange

Often tenants will also get a favourable response when looking to downsize through mutual exchange. By doing this, you are able to decide on locations that are best suited to you, so having this option is a marvellous incentive to downsizing your property.

If you want to downsize your property within Central Bedfordshire, whether it is to another council house or to a housing association property, you may wish to consider registering with the Choice Based Lettings scheme and finding a property that way.

Contact for further details relating to mutual exchange.

More information on Choice Based Lettings (CBL)

Call 0300 300 8302, or go to the Bedfordshire Homefinder (link opens in new window)website for more information on choice based lettings and the Tenant's Incentive scheme.