Mutual exchange and rightsizing | Central Bedfordshire Council

Mutual exchange and rightsizing

Reasons for refusing an exchange

Your exchange can be refused if:

  • either you or the incoming tenant are due to be evicted
  • either you or the incoming tenant is subject to a current Notice of Seeking Possession - this will have been served where there are outstanding rent arrears, and / or breached terms of your tenancy agreement (anti-social behaviour, neglect of premises and / or land, obtaining a tenancy by false statement)
  • either you or the incoming tenant have paid or accepted money or other incentive to make the exchange
  • the tenant is on an introductory tenancy
  • the incoming tenant is under-occupying, by more than 1 bedroom
  • either you or the incoming tenant requires extensive adaptations to a Central Bedfordshire Council property, we may refuse due to suitability for disability. If you know that you or a member of your household cannot climb stairs, a house or first floor flat may not be suitable accommodation and likewise for the incoming tenants
  • your property is adapted for a physically disabled person and the new tenants do not require the adaptations
  • your home is linked to your work

You cannot exchange to a property that has a spare bedroom unless:

  • you are on pension credits
  • have same sex children over 16 years old
  • you are working, do not claim benefit and complete a financial assessment which shows that you can afford the rent