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Velocity Patcher (Jetpatcher) - how we're tackling potholes

Road to recovery

Our Highways team have been using the Velocity Patcher (also known as the Jetpatcher) to tackle potholes across the area.

We understand that potholes cause a lot of concern to our residents so have used the Velocity Patcher to tackle a significant number of potholes.

The Velocity Patcher briefly came to the area in May and fixed over 1,200 potholes in the 17 days it was used.

The machine can repair potholes in just two minutes which allows our team to carry out the work without closing the road meaning less disruption to road users. The speed of the repair is also a lot more efficient financially.

Keep an eye out for the Velocity Patcher and remember you can report potholes online (link opens in new window).

Out and about

We will be taking the Velocity Patcher to as many towns and villages in Central Bedfordshire as possible. We will be starting in Dunstable before working our way around the rest of Central Beds. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, @CBC_Highways (link opens in new window), to see where the Velocity Patcher will be visiting.

Can you send it to my road?

If you report the pothole online then an engineer can look into the report and possibly repair it whilst the Velocity Patcher is with us.

My area needs an entire road surfaced?

If you’ve noticed a particularly bad road then let us know by reporting it online. Your report may help us decide our resurfacing routes.

How long do the patches last for?

The repairs are very sturdy and can last for up to 10 years. Of course every area is different and some repairs may not last as long as others.

How long does it take to fix potholes?

Depending on the size of the pothole or defect the repair time varies. The average time to repair one pothole is around two minutes.