Report or track roads and highways problems - potholes, street lights

Report and track roads and highways problems

We've got a new reporting system to make reporting street issues easier, quicker and more accurate.

You can now report and track highways and environment problems online, such as:

  • potholes
  • faulty street lights
  • draining or flooding problems
  • damaged pavements
  • faulty traffic lights
  • fly-tipping
  • obstructions in the road
  • damaged or missing road signs or other street furniture
  • damaged bus stops and bus shelters

Report a problem on the road or pavement

Fix My Street app screenshot

There's an app for that

You can also use the FixMyStreet app to report and track issues.

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Reporting an emergency

If you need to report an emergency, such as a street light with wires exposed, please contact our 24 hour emergency team on 0300 300 8049.

Where we can’t help

We’re responsible for most roads in Central Bedfordshire, but there are some privately owned roads and some roads in new housing estates are still owned by the developer.

Highways England is responsible for fixing problems on the motorways and other major roads like the A5 in Dunstable. However, you can report issues through us and we’ll send directly to Highways England.