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If you've received a letter for parking on a verge or pavement in Central Bedfordshire

Car parked on a pavement in Stotfold

Car parked on a pavement in Stotfold

Why you've received this letter

You have received this letter as you have parked on the verge/footway. Parking with two or more wheels on the footway or verge can cause a huge inconvenience to others, particularly those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Parking fines

The letter is a polite request asking you to park with the consideration of others in mind. However, should footway/verge parking continue, we can consider the installation of regulatory signs and issue fines (fixed penalty charges).

There was nowhere else to park

Parking can be frustrating, but it is important to always park with the consideration of others in mind. Driving onto a footway to park affects the safety of other road users and can cause damage which is both unsightly and expensive to rectify.

I pay Council Tax and you don’t provide anywhere to park

We own and operate a number of car parks across Central Bedfordshire. Find out where our car parks are

Throughout Central Bedfordshire there are a number of car parks owned and operated by private companies. We have no powers over the control of these car parks. However, we do attempt to work with the owners to ensure, as far as is possible, a common approach to security, pricing and enforcement. Signing in the area should indicate the owner/manager of the car park.

I cannot walk very far and need to be near where I want to go

If you have difficulty in walking or a disability then you may be able to apply for a blue badge. Find out how to apply for a blue badge.

If I park on the road I would block emergency vehicles

It may be the case that you are unable to park in this area at all. If you feel that parking in the road would block access to emergency vehicles then we would politely ask you to park elsewhere.

In the event that emergency access is blocked, the police have the powers to remove vehicles. Please call 101 to report an obstruction.