Applying for a school place during the academic year | Central Bedfordshire Council

Applying for a school place during the academic year

How to apply for a school place during the school year

Please send us one application per child

If you share parental responsibility, please make sure you're in agreement about the preferences and information submitted, before you apply. If you don't, this may delay your application.

For most schools / academies in Central Bedfordshire, you need to apply to the school admissions team who will process your application:

Apply online for a school place

Alternatively, download a form and complete offline.

We process in-year applications from the half term prior to when the place is required as follows:

Place processing
Place required Application processed
October - December September / October onwards
January - February December onwards
February - March January onwards
April - May March onwards
May - July April onwards
September June / July onwards

For applications where a place is required within the periods above, we aim to process these within 15 school days.