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Development framework

Documents in the Framework

The Minerals and Waste Development Framework is a portfolio of documents which together will guide minerals and waste development within the Plan area.

Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Strategic Sites and Policies

This sets out our strategic vision and objectives for future development and management of minerals and waste within the plan area, identifies strategic site specific land allocations for minerals and waste development, and includes a suite of core policies which are used to determine planning applications for mineral extraction and waste management development.

Policies map

This identifies:

  • strategic site allocations for future mineral extraction and safeguarded rail head facilities
  • strategic site allocations for future waste management development, including one non-hazardous landfill site
  • mineral safeguarding areas

General and Environmental Policies Local Development Document (LDD)

These policies guide minerals and waste development. This should have been adopted in 2015 / 16. However, instead of producing this document, the saved policies will be replaced by new policy in the mainstream Development Plans being produced by the three authorities. The Development Plan scheme of each authority will be updated to reflect this change.

The Supplementary Planning Document

Managing Waste in New Developments, adopted in 2006.

Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

This sets the timetable for the production of the Minerals and Waste Development Framework (adopted in 2012).

Monitoring Report

This provides monitoring data on the progress of the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme and the performance of policies within the adopted Development Framework.

This is no longer produced on an annual basis, but is a 'live' document which is updated as new data becomes available.

The Statement of Community Involvement

This explains how we will involve the community in the preparation of the Minerals and Waste Development Framework.