Development framework

Local Development Scheme 2012

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme outlines the development plan documents, as well as other documents that will be produced by the Councils in their role as Minerals and Waste Planning Authorities (MWPAs).

It provides the timetable for each stage of Minerals and Waste Development Framework preparation process.

Due to the changing national and local circumstances, the Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme has been revised again.

The new Local Development Scheme reflects revised anticipated timescales, and how changes to the planning system at a national level are bringing about the need for further revisions to the timetable within the Local Development Scheme.

Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme 2012 (PDF 439.9KB) .

The three councils that the remaining saved policies of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2005 will be incorporated into the emerging mainstream development plan documents rather than a separate Minerals and Waste General and Environmental Policies LDD being produced. The Local Development Schemes for the councils will be updated to reflect this change.

On 22 April 2014, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive approved a new Local Development Scheme (LDS) which incorporated this change.

Bedford Borough Council and Luton Borough Council have still to update their LDS to include this change and are therefore still working to the 2012 Scheme in terms of minerals and waste.