Anti-social behaviour

If you’re not happy with how your anti-social behaviour report was managed

If you are personally suffering the effects of anti-social behaviour, it has been reported to us, the police or your landlord and you are not satisfied with the action that has been taken, you are entitled to have a review conducted. This is called an anti-social behaviour (ASB) case review – also known as a Community Trigger.

What is a Community Trigger

This review will look to identify any opportunities for additional work that will have a positive impact on the issue and will ensure that all responsible organisations work together in partnership with an aim to resolve the issue.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 sets out the requirement for relevant bodies in a local authority area to make arrangements for, and to carry out, anti-social behaviour (ASB) case reviews - we'll refer to this as a review on the rest of this page.

Wherever you live in Bedfordshire, the process is the same.

If you need any assistance in completing the form, please contact us.

Postal address

Community Safety Team
Central Bedfordshire Council
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Telephone: 0300 300 8301

Initially we only require basic information to get the process started. The form is designed to be clear and easy to complete, it is acceptable for a person representing you to assist you or fill the form in for you.

How it works

By requesting a review you will be starting a process which will get your local council, the police and other organisations working together to identify what can be done to better tackle the anti-social behaviour that is affecting you.

You will have the opportunity to speak to the organisations responsible for helping you and to ask questions of those organisations.

You can make suggestions and take an active role in resolving the issues that affect the way you have to live your life.

You can stop the process at any time.

The reviewis not a complaints procedure and it will not examine how a particular agency or agencies have tackled a problem in the past; instead it focuses on the existing situation and what more can be done.

Reporting incidents criteria

Reporting incidents

The case review process allows a complainant to have their case reviewed where, despite having reported at least three separate incidents to one or more relevant bodies, the issue has still not been resolved to their satisfaction.

To meet the qualifying requirements for the case review procedure, the incidents will have to meet the following criteria:

  • they must be reported within one month of the behaviour
  • a complaint made to several agencies at or around the same time will only count as one complaint

The completion of diary sheets as part of an investigation process will not be considered as a reported incident.

An application for a case review to be carried out needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. three separate incidents reported by an individual in a twelve-month period
  2. the application for review has been made within six months from the date of the most recent incident

In any other case where a case review application is received that does not meet the above criteria, the relevant bodies may still consider the threshold for a case review is met, by taking account of any of the following factors:

  • the persistence of the anti-social behaviour about which the original complaint was made, or
  • the harm caused, or the potential harm to be caused, by that behaviour, or
  • the adequacy of the response to that behaviour

You will receive acknowledgement of your request for a review within five working days.

If you meet the threshold for a review, the first meeting will be held within 28 days.

You can request a review by completing the application form, or by requesting an application form in writing.

Ask online for a review

If following your application for a review you are advised that the threshold is not met or following review you still remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you have a right to appeal the decision. You are entitled to have your review heard within 15 days of the appeal being received.

Please contact us via email or write to us.

Safer Communities and Partnership Manager
Central Bedfordshire Council
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