Anti-social behaviour

Approaching the person causing the anti-social behaviour

It is generally better if problems are discussed and a solution is found before both parties get too annoyed.

If the problem is not too serious then try and talk to the person, particularly if they are a neighbour or someone you know. In most cases this will resolve the problem and a compromise may be reached.

Speaking face to face can sometimes be more effective than writing letters. A resolution and agreement made between both interested parties will work better than one imposed by a third party. Issues to consider are:

  • before approaching your neighbour, you should give some thought as to what you are going to say
  • be clear about the problem and how it affects you and your family
  • do not stray away from the main problem
  • think about what the outcome is likely to be and stay calm and friendly (being aggressive at any point will not help)
  • try not to bring up incidents from the past, unless they are relevant

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