Schools Statutory Services

Documents issued in Central Essentials

The following documents have been issued in Central Essentials since September 2012 and can be found below:

Instructions for schools workforce census 2015 (PDF 17KB)

Trade Union pooled facilities funding consideration letter (PDF 50.9KB)

Teacher's pay appeals log (Word 34KB)

Head teacher recruitment guidance document (PDF 148.3KB) – This outlines the responsibilities of the council, the school and the recruitment panel. Appendix A (Word 206.5KB) is the form which should be used to inform the council about the candidates who have been shortlisted for the head teacher vacancy. This form should be emailed to The council then has 7 days to respond with any written representation. If the recruitment panel receive no response they should continue with their recruitment.

Guidance on Anonymity for Teachers (PDF 100.8KB)

Guidance on Individual School Range and group size (PDF 9.7KB)

Model Appraisal Policy 2012 (PDF 46.6KB)

Teacher Appraisal and Pay Guidance for Schools (PDF 102.7KB)

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Policy (PDF 96.6KB)

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Risk Assessment (PDF 66.9KB)

HR Useful Information - Commencement_termination dates_Sick_Annual Leave_Pension (PDF 40.2KB)

Schools Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 81.8KB)

Updated statutory checking and recording requirements for the appointment of teachers - guidance (PDF 79.3KB)

Implementing your school's approach to pay departmental advice

Discretionary Reference Pay Points guidance (PDF 215.6KB) .

Right to Accompany Expectant Mothers to Ante-natal Appointments - guidance (PDF 425.4KB) and form (Word 36.5KB) .

Teachers' Pensions detailed MCB Report.

Central Bedfordshire Council - policy relating to Teachers' Pensions (PDF)

Employee relations checklist and advice log (Word)