Rights and responsibilities

Introductory tenancy

We offer a 12-month introductory (or probationary) tenancy to new council housing tenants. If all goes well in the first few months, the tenancy automatically becomes a secure tenancy after 12 months.

If there are concerns about how an introductory tenant manages their tenancy, we can take legal action to end the tenancy or extend the introductory period for 6 months.

Introductory tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants. They have no right to buy, to sub-let, to improve their property, or apply to exchange properties.

However, in most ways the tenancy is like a secure tenancy. The rent charges are the same and we provide the same repairs service.

Introductory tenancies benefit all residents by allowing us the opportunity to deal with anti-social behaviour from new tenants more quickly if we cannot resolve the issues.

Advice and support for new tenants

We visit new tenants to check how they are getting on in their new home. Our officers can give advice and support with settling in, applying for benefits, paying rent, and keeping to the tenancy agreement. Our own tenancy support team may also be able to support if people continue to have problems sustaining their tenancy.