Taxi licence

Apply for a private hire operators licence

The following documents must be submitted, either by post or in person, for new and renewal vehicle licences:-

  • completed application form, signed by the applicant
  • the vehicle registration document (V5)
  • valid certificate of insurance
  • the appropriate fee
  • any documentation specifically referred to with regard to hackney carriage or private hire vehicles

Although applications may be made by post, plates must be picked up in person at one of the council’s offices.

Applications should be made no later than 10 working days prior to the licence expiry date. Upon receipt of a correctly completed application form, the necessary authorisation will be given to enable applicants to book a mechanical test at either Luton Borough Council’s Transport Depot or Bedford Borough Council’s Transport Depot.

Vehicle licences cannot be issued until the Certificate of Compliance and proof of current insurance cover has been produced. Although every effort will be made to issue a licence and plate straight away, there may be occasions when this is not possible. Proprietors should allow minimum period of two days, therefore, from receipt of the Certificate of Compliance to the issue of the vehicle licence and plate.

The proprietor is responsible for ensuring that the Certificate of Compliance is produced to the Licensing Section. The Transport Depots do not issue Certificate of Compliance direct to the Authority.

Renewal vehicles must pass their annual inspection prior to the expiry of their current licence. 

Any vehicle not tested before its current licence expires will be considered as a new application.

Application form and guidance notes

Private hire operator application form (PDF 34.2KB)

Private hire operator conditions (PDF 12.1KB)