Taxi licence

Vehicle licence fees

The fees for taxi vehicle licences are as follows

Vehicle licence fees (12 months or less)

Private hire vehicle licence: £367.90 *
Private hire vehicle renewal: £254.10 *
Hackney carriage licence: £439.50*
Hackney carriage renewal: £338.60 *
Temporary replacement vehicle (up to 3 months): £137.40 *
Replacement plate: £38.50

* Excludes cost of vehicle inspection

Transfer of ownership of vehicles

Where the ownership of a vehicle already licensed by Central Bedfordshire Council is transferred to another person, the following fee will be due by the new owner upon receipt of a successful application: £165.60.

Transfer of licence to another vehicle

Where the vehicle licence is transferred to another vehicle (not a temporary replacement) and is to remain in force until its expiry date: £165.60.
Where the vehicle is transferred and a 12 month licence is required: Full fee

Administration fee for application withdrawal / variation etc: £38.50

Payments can be made by cheque, credit and debit card, or by postal order. Cheques must be made payable to 'Central Bedfordshire Council'. You can also pay online (link opens in new window) (please include your payment receipt when submitting your application).

We offer an option to pay for express delivery of plates for an additional £3.45.

Pay online

We no longer accept cash payments.