Taxi licence

Renew your taxi driver badge

Please note, we are currently experiencing a high volume of applications and as a result you may experience long delays (up to 5 weeks) in receiving your renewed licence.

If your current driver licence badge is due to expire you must submit a renewal application within 10 working days of the expiration date of your licence.

To renew your badge, you'll need:

If you don't provide current and up to date documents for the above, your application will be rejected.

Renew your taxi drive badge online

Disclosure and Barring Service check

To renew your licence, you must agree to a criminal background check. This check will be carried out by our partner company, GBG Disclosures. When you renew, GBG will send you a link to complete an online form, via email. It is important that all contact information provided to us is up to date and accurate to avoid unnecessary delays.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) training

If haven't already, you'll need to take the CSE training course with our training provider CYP First. You need to book the training and pay a fee of £22.40.

Pay for your CSE training online

Training availability

We don't have any training dates available at the moment. However, you must pay for it as part of your renewal application. Failure to do so will delay and may result in the refusal of your application.

Your driving licence

You need to share your driving licence details with us.

Share your driving licence details

If you have 6 points or more on your licence, you will need to do a driving assessment. This assessment must be conducted through either us or Green Penny. Once you have passed the assessment, let us know by email:

Medical certificate

If you're over 45, you will need to have a medical check done by your GP every 5 years. If you're over 65, you need a medical check every year.

Important: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand it may be difficult for you to arrange a medical examination with your GP. Therefore, as a temporary solution to avoid prolonged delays, we have included a medical declaration. This declaration is valid for 12 months and will enable you to continue working until a sufficient medical certificate can be obtained.

View or download medical certificate (PDF)

Questions we're often asked

My licence has expired. Can I still renew it?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are assessing each case individually. If you've been impacted by the pandemic, email with your reasons for renewing late (response time may vary). 

Can I go to another medical practice to get my medical certificate signed?

As long as the examiner has full access to your medical records we would accept your certificate.

What if I have already taken a child sexual exploitation course with another council?

If you got a certificate from CYP First, we'll accept this.

Unfortunately, we won't accept anything else.

I have a DBS certificate with another council; can I submit this as part of my renewal?

Are you signed up to the Disclosure Barring Service's update service and have registered an enhanced DBS certificate, which both:

  • includes either "Taxi Driver" or "Private Hire Driver" under occupation?
  • states "other workforce" along with no further changes?

If you do, we may consider this.