Taxi licence

Apply for a new taxi driver licence

What you need to do

Step 1: The knowledge test

All new applicants must take an online knowledge test to attain a dual badge. The test will be broken into 6 categories which include questions on:

  • driver and vehicle conditions
  • Highway Code
  • road signs
  • comprehension
  • customer care
  • numeracy

You can't apply for the knowledge test if you haven't:

  • held a DVLA licence for 12 months
  • got a current UK visa for at least 18 months

Please ensure that you read our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy and the Private Hire vehicle, Hackney Carriage, and Combined Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver conditions before you apply, to ensure that you fully understand our requirements.

The Knowledge Test is taken at our office in Chicksands. You must bring your own device with you to complete the test.

Apply for a knowledge test

View or download a knowledge test application form (PDF)

All applications must be submitted by email to

Please note: Email is not a secure medium. You should take appropriate measures to ensure any personal information sent via email is protected.

After you've applied

Once your application is submitted, you will automatically be placed into a queueing system whereby we will contact you as and when there is availability.

Step 2: Prepare your documents

Once you have successfully passed your knowledge test you will need the following to apply:

If you fail to provide current and up to date documents for all the above, your application will be refused.

How to pay for your assessment

Pay online: select Licensing from the list and then driving assessment payments from the last list.

Once payment has been received, we'll contact you to arrange a date and time for your assessment.

Step 3: Apply for a new driver licence

Apply online for a new driver licence

Step 4: Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal check

After reviewing your application we will register you with one of our partner companies, either GBG Online Disclosures or First Advantage, to carry out a criminal check. Our partner will send you a link to complete an online form.

As this check is completed by a third party, the estimated time frame may vary. Once you have received a copy of your DBS certificate, you must email with the subject line "DBS certificate".

Step 5: Get your badge

After we receive your DBS certificate, we'll review it in line with our criminal conviction policy. If successful, we'll issue you with a dual driver licence badge.

Questions we're often asked

What if I already have a DSA Certificate?

If you already have a certificate that is not with a provider, we recognise you will need to arrange a new practical test.

What if I have already taken a child sexual exploitation course with another council?

If you got a certificate from CYP First, within 6 months of your knowledge test, we'll accept this.

Unfortunately, we won't accept anything else.

How can I find out when the next available child sexual exploitation course dates?

Once you've passed the knowledge test, we'll contact you with a list of dates.

I have a Disclosure Barring Service check done with a different council, would I still need to have another check?

All new drivers are required to undergo an enhanced criminal background check.

Are you signed up to the Disclosure Barring Service's update service and have registered an enhanced DBS certificate, which both:

  • includes either "Taxi Driver" or "Private Hire Driver" under occupation?
  • states "other workforce" along with no further changes?

If you do, we may consider this.

How long will my licence be issued for?

The licence will be granted for 3 years and will fall in line with the expiration date of your DBS certificate.

I have submitted my application but not received a link to complete my online DBS form

We review all applications as quickly as possible. Please allow at least 5 working days to receive this.