Parking permits - residential, visitors and market traders

Visitors' parking permits

Residents' parking zones are designed to help ensure street parking is available for residents. If you have visitors, they may need a permit to park near your home.

Drivers may be issued with a penalty charge notice if they fail to clearly display a valid permit or park somewhere other than in a permit bay in the zone.

You can only apply for a resident's visitor parking permit if you live in the residents' zone in the district.

Your visitor permit will only cover the zone you live in.

A book of 25 visitor permits costs £30. You will be allowed a maximum of 3 books per year.

You may be prosecuted if:

  • you give false information
  • you alter, forge or copy a permit
  • you use a permit you are not entitled to
  • you let someone else use a permit they are not entitled to

Apply for your permit online through the Permit Smarti website (link opens in new window).

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